Author: Monique A. Everett

  • Morning Brushes: Sleepers

  • Book Giveaway

    Enter my pet mystery book giveaway on The Children’s Book Review website for my latest title, Ghost Pet Circle: Willow and Sparky.

  • Ghost Pet Circle (GPC)

    My first book for kids is finally out on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The Ghost Pet Circle: Willow and Sparky is a mystery book for kids with a ghostly plot twist. You know me – I always add a little bit of supernatural to my writing. It’s for ages seven on up. Although, the…

  • Horror

    Get ready. I just started writing a horror novel, and I’m already having nightmares about my own story.

  • My Angel Book

    My long-awaited angel book, Angels in Arms, is getting an updated title and release date. Check back often, but I’m pushing for a release date before the holidays. History – I was almost finished with my book and getting ready to send it out for editing. Then I had a sudden vision and message from…

  • Three Angels

    There are three angels for you–one of enlightenment, one of knowledge, and one of things that will occur. — M

  • Run Purple

    The tears of a Reiki Master run purple. — M

  • Home

    Home lives inside of your heart and not a place. Stop running. — M