Pretty Scary Stories

by Monique A. Everett

Horror for kids is available. Pretty Scary Stories is about a pumpkin that never rots, rooted zombie kids, and monster kids knocking at your door. The main characters are girls, and you will enjoy reading about their frightening events and strong problem-solving skills. It’s scary but not too dangerous. Pretty Scary Stories gives young readers the shivers to last through the spooky season and all year long.

Ghost Pet Circle: Willow and Sparky

by Monique A. Everett

The Ghost Pet Circle is a group of kids on a mission to locate missing pets in the neighborhood. Sonia, Curtis, and Amy also develop a great friendship as they help investigate the disappearance of a cat, Willow. But soon discover she’s a ghost cat after Amy’s little brother, Tad, channels the other side for help. But Jason and the school bullies encircle them before they seek the answers that lead them to more lost pets, including Sonia’s dog, Sparky. Will the GPC overcome its fears and locate the missing pets before it’s too late?

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