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Hi, I’m Ms. Everett. I’m enjoy writing books for all age levels. So don’t be surprised if I publish a mystery chapter book for kids, but a horror novel for adults. Plus, a non-fiction book about angels in-between. I love all genres, but one running theme is compassion, even in the depths of suffering, scary thrills, and the rolls of laughter. Thanks for visiting!

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Monique A. Everett is from Northeastern Pennsylvania. She is a Teacher-librarian, Reiki Master, and Author. Monique enjoys reading, writing, art, meditating, nature, and spending time with her cats, Brad and Rosie. She received a Bachelor of Science in Education with a major in Library Science from Kutztown University and a Master of Education from Mansfield University. Her contemporary genres include spiritual non-fiction for adults and mystery fiction for kids.

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